Why I stopped posting things on Medium

Hint: It is my book’s fault

Today I realised that I haven’t posted anything substantial on Medium for many months now. Which, in itself, doesn’t matter. And yet, it was weird for me to see the blank space in my publication list between 2018 and now.

Why? Because in these months, I constantly wrote, but didn’t publish a single line anywhere. For more than two years now, my book projekt “Unlearn” is swallowing most of my creative energy.

When I talk about this project, people assume I named the project after my company Unlearn. But, actually, it is the other way around. I named my company after my book manuscript, where unlearning plays a central role.

While Unlearn is visibly established itself as an organisation, the book is still in the process of becoming. The good news is: I am almost done. And I have produced a lot of bycatch in the process of writing, texts which will not be part of the final manuscript.

Parts of these texts will be published here in the following weeks and months. I will clutter Medium with corpses from my vast book graveyard. Ha, take this, Medium!


Thinking about system change; Author and organisational developer. More@hannoburmester.com

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