New formats for new politics? Podcast on Open State of Politics and Alter Ego 2017

Hanno Burmester
1 min readOct 13, 2017

In September 2017, two experimental conferences on the future of politics happened during the same week. One in Germany, the Open State of Politics gathering. The other was the Alter Ego conference in England (see my take on the Alter Ego experience here).

The setting of the Alter Ego conference. Picture by Ivan Juric

Both formats aimed at co-creating ideas and feelings for a new kind politics. Both used an unusual setting and more experimental ways of process design and facilitation to nudge the participants towards new ways of perceiving, feeling, thinking, and behaving. Both integrated the experience of nature and a strong sense of community into their concept.

We brought together Anja Adler of the Open State collective with Joana Breidenbach of and myself and had a conversation around my kitchen table on how we experienced the conferences, and where we see potentials and shortfalls. Check out the podcast on Soundcloud.